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Pooja Bazar

9 Compartment White Color Disposable Party Thali Plates

9 Compartment White Color Disposable Party Thali Plates

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9 Compartment White Color Disposable Party Thali Plates
Brand: Pooja BazarTM
Product Dimension: H 12.5 X L 12.5 X W 12.5 Inches
Product Weight: 26 LB - (Pounds)
This thali can be stacked and don't take much space
This Pooja Bazar Thali Length is 12.5 inches, Width is 12.5 inches and Height is 12.5 inches
Distributed by Pooja Bazar TM
9 Compartment Thali is made up of strong and sturdy premium quality plastic.
Made up of Heavy Duty Plastic and carefully designed to multiple compartments.
Can be used for hot, warm and cold food items. It is also very easy to store and keep in your house.
This Thali, Plate can easy be to go container as well, but just covering with foil or saran rap
The multiple compartments of this plate holds soup, sauce, chutney, curries etc very well
An ideal solution for your gathering, whether it’s picnic, BBQ, reunion, Christmas, Thanksgiving or casual wedding reception
These party thali plates are perfect or variety of cultural celebrations like Indian parties, housewarming celebrations. These thali plates are add flair to any occasion.
The thali plates are having multiple compartments and they simplify serving a range of dishes.

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