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Party Thali

10 Compartment Silver Color Disposable Party Thali Plates

10 Compartment Silver Color Disposable Party Thali Plates

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10 Compartment Silver Color Disposable Party Thali Plates
Brand: Party ThaliTM
Product Dimension: H 1 X L 14 X W 11 Inches
This thali can be stacked and don't take much space
Distributed by Party Thali TM

Our thali plates are party with elegant table settings and practical disposable dinnerware that exudes sophistication. Whether you are hosting a modern event or a classic affair, Our party thali plates supplies and functional accessories ensure effortless clean-up and a seamless dining experience. Our Silver color disposable party thali plate feature gracefully curved edges, bringing a modern twist to traditional dining settings. Ideal for serving multi-course meals, buffet-style dining, or cultural celebrations, these thali plates offer convenience without sacrificing elegance. Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate gathering, or family festivity, these versatile party thali plates enhance the dining experience, allowing guests to enjoy each dish in its own designated section. our extensive selection of tableware options, including elegant silver thali plates sets and practical disposable plates. Crafted to simplify serving and cleanup, our silver thali plates feature convenient sections.

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