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Pooja Bazar

Disposable Plastic Spoon - White

Disposable Plastic Spoon - White

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Disposable Plastic Spoon - White

Brand: Pooja BazarTM
Product Dimension: H - X L 6.25 X W 1.5 Inches
They can easily be stored and do not take much space

Distributed by Pooja Bazar TM
White Spoons Cutlery is premium quality heavy weight cutlery
Disposable plastic utensils for heavier or denser foods
Premium Plastic Party Spoons
Disposable Party Spoons White color
Plastic spoons for party ware
These white spoons are perfect match for our white katori bowls and white thali plates

If you have any questions are need more information about this product, please contact us and we will be very happy to help you

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